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Complex Psychiatric Presentations in a Patient with Stiff-person Syndrome

Chuo-Yu Yeh, Shao-Chun Ree, Yu-Yi Jian, Cheng-Cheng Hsiao, Chih-Ken Chen

Objective: We report a case of stiff-person syndrome in a female patient, who
presented multiple psychiatric symptoms and signs. Case Report: A 60-year-old
Asian female patient had a 10-year-history of experiencing waxing and waning
depression and anxiety symptoms before being diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome.
Amnesic symptoms were occurred together with mood symptoms and stiffperson
syndrome two years after having the neurological diagnosis. Conclusion:
Stiff-person syndrome, an uncommon neurological disorder, is frequently comorbid
with psychiatric symptoms and signs. This syndrome is complex and needs
further investigations.
Key Word stiff-person syndrome, psychiatric symptoms, amnesia, motor disturbance
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