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Manic Episodes Possibly Secondary to Pediatric Ischemic Stroke

Hsiao-Chi Hung, Chen-Ju Lin, Yu-Hsin Huang

Background: Post-stroke mania has rarely been reported, and the lesions of
most reported cases have been involved in the non-dominant hemisphere of the
brain. We reported a case of mania probably secondary to stroke with a lesion in
the dominant hemisphere. Case Report: A 22-year-old, right-handed male patient
had a history of pediatric stroke involved in the left middle cerebral artery territory
of the brain. He became depressed right after the stroke, and fi ve years later he developed
a manic episode. He received lithium and risperidone with satisfactory response.
Conclusion: The brain lesion other than laterality may play an important
role on the etiology of mania. The research on secondary mania after the stroke is
needed to explore the relationship between mood and brain functional region.
Key Word secondary mania, stroke, left frontal lesion, pediatric condition
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