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Yen -Kuang Yang

Social Network and Health
Social skills as well as motor skills, intelligence,
and communication capacity are the hallmarks
of human evolution although they have
been found that animals also have a certain level
of social relationships [1]. But human social behaviors
are far more sophisticated and involve a
complex social cognition process [2]. According
to the social brain hypothesis, the complexity of
social behavior may be associated with the brain
evolution of primates [3]. Among the constructs
related to social behaviors, social support has
been identifi ed as the one that might be mostly related
to medical science [4], and is associated with
a wide array of health-related outcomes [5].
Although the underlying mechanism explaining
the nature of the association between social
support and the central nervous system is still
under investigation, it is plausible that social support
may infl uence the function of the nervous
system [6-9]. Alternatively, there could be mutual
infl uences between biological and social factors in
determining brain and behavioral processes (the
principle of reciprocal determinism) [10].
Previously, we also proposed that dopamine and
other neurotransmitters and social support may
infl uence each other [11].
For a psychiatrist, clinical-related load or research
work can basically consume more than half
of our daily activities. From the professional perspective,
a good social network in the psychiatric
fi eld is an important domain for occupational
health. The establishment of a professional platform
that could enable exchange of up-to-date information
and clinical skills/experience within a
short period of time is essential. Not only improving
clinical skills but also maintaining interpersonal
relationships or friendships are quite important
during medical conferences, and fi t in with
the above-mentioned extension to social
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