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Integrating the Global Community: The International Collaboration with Southeast Asia of Kai-Syuan Psychiatric Hospital

Su-Ting Hsu, Di-Wei Yang, Kuan-Ying Hsieh, Yu-Shi Lu, David Santoso Tjoei, Dang Duy Thanh, Lam Ti Trung, Shu-Hui Wang, Ming-Chao Chen, Ronny Tri Wirasto, Cheng-Chung Chen

South East Asia is close to Taiwan in geographically, and daily living customs are similar in two places. Due to improved travel, foreign workers and newly immigrated people from South East Asia have been increased. But Taiwanese are still relatively unfamiliar to South East Asian experiences of their mental health services compared to those of Western English-spoken Americans and Britains. In this overview, we describe brief history of participation of Kaohsiung Municipal Kai-Syuan Psychiatric Hospital (KSPH) in activities of international exchange with several countries of South Asia. In this process, the “southbound policy” has been shaped gradually at KSPH. Progressively, hosting visitors for short-term teaching programs at the hospital from sister hospitals in Indonesia and Vietnam becomes part of routines, and the international team of KSPH also spend some time aboard to examine training outcomes. In this overview, the authors also compare mental health services and systems between three South East Asian countries (Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam) and Taiwan. We further describe community programs of those sister hospitals. After training in the sister hospitals, we evaluated psychiatric rehabilitation services with the concepts in hospital accreditation of psychiatric rehabilitation services in Taiwan and recovery-oriented services. Finally, we also highlight the international collaboration challenges workforce strength and resources at KSPH, as well as promote humanistic practice of recovery in sister hospitals of three countries.
Key Word international collaboration, South East Asia, mental health system, psychiatric rehabilitation
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