Past Issues


Vol.19, No.2, 2005


  • Depression in Late Life: Current Issues
    Ming-Hong Hsieh, M.D., Te-Jen Lai, M.D.


  • Guanxi Oriented Psychotherapy
    Jung-Kwang Wen, M.D.1,2

Original Articles

  • The Relationship between the Tridimensional Personality Traits and Loudness Dependency of Auditory Evoked Potentials in Young Females
    Younger W-Y Yu, M.D.1, Shih-Jen Tsai, M.D.2, Ming-Chao Chen, M.D.3, Tai-Jui Chen, M.D.4,5, Chih-Wei Yang, M.D.5
  • Behavioral Inhibition and Activation Systems in Male Alcoholic Patients with and without Anxiety Disorders
    Chung-Hsuan Chen, M.S.1, Huei-Chen Ko, Ph.D.1,2, Ru-Band Lu, M.D.1,3
  • Predictors of Discharge Against Medical Advice from the Acute Wards of a Psychiatric Hospital
    Chien-Cheng Kuo, M.D., Hsiu-Chien Tsui, M.D., Su-Hwa Shen, R.N., Li-Chuan Lin, R.N., Hsin-Pei Tang, M.D., M.P.H ., Ta-Jen Chang, M.D., M.H.S.
  • Prevalence of Alcoholism in a Primary Care Setting
    Chian-Jue Kuo, M.D., M.S.

Case Report

  • Nephropathy and Heroin Addiction
    Chih-Kang Chen, M.D.1, Chih-Lun Chen, M.D.1, Yuh-Feng Lin, M.D.2,4, Yi-Chyan Chen, M.D., Ph.D.1,3
  • Manic Episode Associated with an Abrupt Shift from Sulpiride to Quetiapine in a Young Man with Schizophrenia
    Chien-Liang Lai, M.D., Hung-Yu Chan, M.D., Hsiao-Ju Sun, M.D.
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