Past Issues


Vol.13, No.2, 1999


  • Impact of Molecular Biotechnology on Psychiatry
    Chen- Jee Hong, M.D.

Special Articles

  • Psychiatric Hospital Accreditation in Taiwan
    Eng-Kung Yeh, Shu-Yu Lyu, Chuan-Wan Tai, Bih-Yuh Fan, Syi Su Sc.D., Yu-Ping Chen

Original Articles

  • Classification of Male Alcoholic Patients According to Drinking and Family History : Relation to Two year Outcome Following Rehabilitation
    Chiao-Chicy Chen, Jeng-Ming Yu, Chi Yu Liao, Chian-Jue Kuo, Shang-Ying Tsai
  • The Comorbidity of Depressive Disorders and Anxiety Disorders
    Mei-Chih Tseng, Yue-Joe Lee, Ming-Been Lee
  • Alcohol Use and the Type of Crime Committed by Offenders Referred for Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation
    Hsin-Wei Hsu, Chiao-Chicy Chen, Jen-Yu Chou, Jeng-Ming Yu, Tien-Wei Yang, Wei-Herng Hu
  • Total Serum Cholesterol in Acute Psychiatric Inpatients
    Tiao-Lai Huang, Jung-Kwang Wen, Ming-Jen Yang, Shu-Chuan Wu
  • Double Blind Trials of Buspirone Lorazepam and Diazepam in the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder
    Chieh-Liang Huang, Yen-Kuang Yang, Iting Chen, Chwen-Cheng Chen

Case Reports

  • Narcolepsy with Schizophrenic like Manifestations : A Case Report
    Chun-Hsin Chen, Yue-Joe Lee, Chung-Yao Hsu, Cheng-Szu Tsai, Chiao-Chicy Chen
  • Intoxication Induced by Centella Asiatica Urban and Oxalis Corymbosa in a Bipolor Disorder Patient on Long term Psychotropic Therapy : A Case Report
    Shao-Min Yang, Ming-Jen Yang, Jin-Bor Chen, Jung-Kwang Wen

Letter to the Editor

  • The Ratio of Breath and Blood Alcohol Concentration and Estimation of Alcohol Metabolic Rate in Two step Alcohol Reloading Test
    Shih-Cheng Liao, Hsin-Chien Lee, Shi-Kai Liu, Hsin-Nan Lin
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