Past Issues


Vol.32, No.4, 2018


  • Mental Health Services in Malaysia
    Marhani Midin, Nor Zuraida Zainal, TohChin Lee, Nurashikin Ibrahim/

Original Articles

  • Prescription Patterns and Safety Monitoring Practices in Medication for Youths with Attention-defi cit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    Chia-Ming Wu, Shu-Wen Cheng, Chih-Tsai Chen, Yuan-Chang Hsu, Cheng-Hsien Sung, Shih-Kai Liu, Kuo-Ping Li/
  • Effect of Mindfulness Training (Body Scan) on the Five-item Brief Symptom Rating Scale of Depressive Inpatients of Military Personnel: A Pilot Study
    Yueh-Ming Tai, Szu-Nian Yang, Shu-Li Cheng/
  • Correlations between Glucose-insulin Profi les and Serum Brainderived Neurotrophic Factor Level in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder before and during Antidepressant Treatment
    Meng Fan Yang, Hui Hua Chang, Mei Hung Chi, Hsin Chun Tsai, Ying Chun Tai, Yen Kuang Yang, Po See Chen/
  • Quetiapine Shows Cross-reactivity in Urine Drug Screening for Ketamine
    Yen-Feng Lee, Chih-Sung Liang, Yu-Ting Tseng, Chia-Ho Peng/

Letters-to-the Editor

  • The Need of More Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Understanding Negative Symptoms
    Pei-Hsin Kao, Fong-Lin Jang
  • Catatonia Associated with Nitroglycerin Abuse
    Hsien-Hsueh Shih, Yi-Rong Lin, Chun-Yuan Chen, Wei-Lieh Huang, Wei-Chih Kao
  • Acute Liver Injury after Initiating Atomoxetine in a Girl Patient with ADHD, Autism and Epilepsy: The First Case Report in Taiwan
    Chang-Lu Lin, Shun-Jie Chang, Yu-Ju Lin
  • Detoxication Phobia in a Methadone Reduction Program: A Case Report
    Kai-Tang Chang, Ching-Ming Cheng, Kun-Chia Chang
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