Past Issues


Vol.36, No.4, 2022


  • Enhancing Efficacy and Acceptance of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through Understanding Its Neuroscience
    Susmita Halder, Akash Kumar Mahato

Review Article

  • Development of Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics for Alzheimer’s Disease
    Masatoshi Takeda/

Original Articles

  • Lung Cancer and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms: Predictive Factors and Subgroup Analysis
    Pei-Lun Chung, Shu-I Wu, Hong-Ming Chen, Vincent Chin-Hung Chen, Min-Jing Lee/
  • Mental Health States of Soldiers with Histories of Corona Virus Disease 2019 Infection in Taiwan: A Comparison Study with Non-infected Soldiers
    Hao Ming Yang, Yueh-Ming Tai, Szu-Nian Yang/
  • The Association of Depression and Quality of Life in Patients with Neurocognitive Disorder in a Tertiary Care Center: An Observational Study
    Ananda Reddy Endreddy, Lakshmi Rajesh Chennareddy, V. Harshitha/
  • Prevalence of Burnout and Psychiatric Illness among Postgraduate Trainee Doctors of a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Surjya Roy, Nitu Mallik, Indranil Saha, Subhendu Datta, Asim Kr Mallick/
  • Protective Effect of Interferon-based Antiviral Therapy on Risk of Bipolar Disorder in Patients with Hepatitis C Virus Infection: A Nationwide Longitudinal Study
    Mu-Hong Chen, Shih-Jen Tsai, Tzeng-Ji Chen/

Letters-to-the Editor

  • Short-term Naltrexone Use Associated with Delayed-onset Fever and Hepatotoxicity: A Case Report
    Chao-Chun Hsu, Yu-Hui Ku, Hong-Ming Chen
  • Neutropenia Following Electroconvulsive Therapy: A Case Report
    Jhen-Wu Lai, Ya-Mei Bai
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