Past Issues


Vol.37, No.4, 2023

Review Article

  • Psychiatry in South Korea
    Seon-Cheol Park/

Original Articles

  • Psychologic Welfare and Burnout of Medical Students after COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown in Poland
    Pawel K. Korolkiewicz, Gursimran Gaba, Amir Salloum, Natalia Witkowska, Maciej Brosz, Leszek Bidzan, Jakub Grabowski/
  • Blood Cytokine Levels in Patients with Alcohol Dependence during Early Withdrawal Treatment
    Shu-Hao Hsu, Chung-Feng Kao, Hu-Ming Chang, Shih-Chun Meng, Jia-Lin Shi, Ming-Chyi Huang/
  • Prevalence and Factors Associated with Medication Nonadherence in Patients with Major Psychiatric Disorders in Southern India
    Jose M. Delcine, Hiremath B. Shivanand, Mangalwedhe B. Sameer, C. Arunkumar, M.S. Anusha, Mahesh Desai/
  • Caregiver Beliefs in the Overemphasis of the Education System on Academic Performance as an Etiology of Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    Tai-Ling Liu, Yi-Lung Chen, Ray C. Hsiao, Wen-Jiun Chou, Cheng-Fang Yen/
  • Factors Influencing Blood Prolactin Levels in Patients with Schizophrenia under Risperidone Treatment
    Mong-Liang Lu, Yi-Hang Chiu, Kah Kheng Goh/
  • Lower Intelligence Quotient and Larger Brain Volume in the Precuneus among Patients with Graves’ Disease
    Kuan-Yu Lai, Shih-Hsien Lin, Huai-Hsuan Tseng, I Hui Lee, Po See Chen, Kao Chin Chen, Shih-Ming Huang, Yen Kuang Yang/

Letter-to-the Editor

  • Acute Psychosis as the Predominant Manifestation in a Patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    Cheng-Tsung Lin, Tien-Yu Lin, Tsung-Hua Lu
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