Past Issues


Vol.11, No.2, 1997


  • Biopsychosocial Aspects of Stress Coping
    Chau-Shoun Lee, M.D, Chwen-Cheng Chen, M.D., Ph.D., Ming Been Lee, M.D.

Original Articles

  • The Effects of Antidepressants and Mood Stabilizers on c-AMP Levels in the Retina of Rats
    Cheng-Chung Chen, M.D., Ph.D., Su-Ting Hsu, M.D., Pei-Wen Lee, M.D., Kwou-Yeung Wu, M.D., Show-Jen Hong, Ph.D.
  • A Chinese Version of a Self-administered Rating Scale for Pubertal Development
    Shur-Fen Gau, M.D., Wei-Tsuen Soong, M.D., Wen-Yu Tsai, M.D., Yen-Nan Chiu, M.D.
  • Reliability and Validity of Chinese Version of the Bulimic Investigatory Test
    Mei-Chih Tseng, M.D., Ming-Been Lee, M.D., Yue-Joe Lee, M.D.
  • Self-injurious Behavior among Institutionalized Children and Adolescents with Mental Retardation
    Jui-Feng Chiang, M.D., Susan Mo, Lin-Yau Hsieh, Wei-Tsun Soong, M.D.
  • Clinical Characteristics of Burn Patients Referred for Psychiatric Consultation
    Nien-Mu Chiou, M.D., Tien-Hsing Chen, M.D., Yu Lee, M.D., Chia-Yih Liu, M.D.
  • A Prospestive Study of the Cognitive Development in Congenitally PCBs-exposed Children: The Eleventh Year
    Te-Jen Lai, M.D., Nai-Wen Guo, M.S., Mei-Lin Yu, M.D., Ph.D., Yue-Liang Guo, M.D., Ph.D.

Case Reports

  • Anticipation in a Schizophrenic Family: A Case Report
    Tsuo-Hung Lan, M.D., Chen-Jee Hong, M.D., Ju-Wei Hsu, M.D., Chin-Hong Chan, M.D.
  • Genetic Counseling of a Family with Mental Retardation in Two Generations: Report of One Case
    Ju-Wei Hsu, M.D., Chen-Jee Hong, M.D., Tsuo-Hung Lan, M.D., Cho-Boon Sim, M.D.
  • Effects of Risperidone Therapy in a Patient with Tardive Dyskinesia and Tardive Dystonia
    Sen-Yenn Hsu, M.D., Ching-Jui Chang, M.D., Shi-Kai Lau, M.D., Hsin-Nan Lin, M.D.
  • Psychiatric Manifestations in a Patient with Idiopathic Hypoparathyroidism Combined with Mental Retardation
    Nien-Mu Chiou, M.D., Chia-Wei Liou, M.D.
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