Past Issues


Vol.9, No.3, 1995


  • Life Events, Social Support and Mental Disorders
    Eng-Kung Yeh M.D.

Original Articles

  • A Loading Dose Method for Oral to Depot Haloperidol Conversion
    Fu-Chuan Wei M.D., Michael W. Jann Pharm.D., Wen-Ho Chang M.D, Hsin-Nan Lin M.D.
  • The Change of Auditory Event-related Potentials in Pre- and Post-treatment Alcoholism
    Younger W-Y Yu M.D., Kuan-Hung Yang M.D.,M.M.S.C., Ming-Chao Chen M.D., Jia-Feng Hsieh M.D.
  • Social Outcome Predictors of Discharged Schizophrenic Patients
    Ching-Jui Chang M.D., Hai-Gwo Hwu M.D., Ling-Ling Yeh M.P.H., Hung-Jung Chang M.D.
  • Risk Factors of Violence in Acute sychiartic Inpatients
    Hai Ho M.D., Chien-Chin Yin M.D., Hai-Gwo Hwu M.D., Ming-Min Tsuang M.D.
  • Clinical Subtypes in Psychiatric Inpatients with Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type
    Chen-Hong Yang M.D., Jen-Ping Hwang M.D., Shih-Jen Tsai M.D., King-Ming Liu M.D.

Bresif Communication

  • Evaluation of the Financial Aid for Psychiatric Outpatients Program Supported by Department of Health
    Yong-Yi Yang M.D.

Case Reports

  • Pathological Gambling: Report of One Case
    Shao-Wen Lu M.D.1, Ming-Been Lee M.D., Yue-Joe Lee M.D., Mei-Chih Tseng M.D.
  • Pathological Laughter: Report of one Case
    Jiing-Yahn Chan M.D., Chia-Yih Liu M.D., Yong-Yi Yang M.D., Eng-Kung Yeh M.D.
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