Past Issues


Vol.8, No.3, 1994


  • Haloperidol Metabolism and Clinical Implication
    Hsien-Yuan Lane M.D., Wen-Ho Chang M.D., Hai-Gwo Hwu M.D., Hsin-Nan Lin M.D.

Original Articles

  • Regional Cerebral Glucose Metabolism in Rats after Chronic Amphetamine Administration
    Shih-Jen Tsai M.D., Yn-Ho Huang, Meng-Fen Yu, Ying-Chou Wang, Yu-Chih Yang, Cho-Boon Sim M.D.
  • The Relationship between Sypmtoms, Drug Treatment and Auditory P300 in Schizophrenia
    Joseph J. Cheng M.D., Yih-Kuan Teng B.S., Min-Min Tsuang M.D.
  • The Assessments of Psychiatric Emergency Network in Kaohsiung Area
    Cheng-Chung Chen M.D., Ya-Ching Wang M.D., Chin-Hua Tseng R.N., Mian-Yoon Chong M.D., Tsing-Hua Chu M.D., For-Way Lung M.D., Dong-Yang Mei M.D., Hsin-Hua Lin, Chin-Chu Chen M.D., Sou-Hong Kuo M.D.
  • Psychiatric Disorders in Parkinson's Disease
    Feng-Jyh Guo M.D., Ming-Been Lee M.D., Yue-Joe Lee M.D., Mei-Chih Tseng M.D.
  • Social Support System and Life Adjustment of the Incompetent Psychiatric Patients
    Ling-Ru Chang M.S.W., Eujun Lee M.D., Yu-Der Hsia M.D., Sou-Hong Kuo M.D.

Case Reports

  • Childhood Conversion Disorder: Report of a Case
    Jui-Feng Chiang M.D., Yen-Nien Chio M.D., Wei-Tsun Soong M.D.
  • Organic Mood Disorder Following Left Caudate Infarct: Report of A Case
    Shen-lng Liu M.D., Po-Ren Teng M.D., Li-Ming Lian M.D., Ping-Keung Yip M.D, Ming-Yao Chung, M.D.
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