Past Issues


Vol.5, No.4, 1991

Original Articles

  • The Implication of Auditory P300 in Amphetamine Psychosis
    Kuan-Hung Yang, Ming-Chao Chan, Younger W-Y Yu
  • The Predictors Associated with the Coversion of Major Depressive Disorders into Bipolar Disorders
    Huei-Chen Ko, Yaw-Hourng, Yu-Huei Liu, Ru-Band Lu
  • The Prevalence Rate of Autism among Mentally Retarded Students
    Te-Jen Lai, Yung-Cheng Chen, Chen-Chin Hsu
  • Comparative Sutdy of the Effectiveness of Out-patient Clinic Management Combined with Home Care Service and Out-patient Clinic Management without Home Care Service for Schizophrenic Patients─A Pilot Study
    Yen-Kuang Yang, Susan Mo, Yung-Cheng Chen, Chen-Chin Hsu
  • Type A personality, anxiety, noise, occupation
    Pei-Wen Lee, Cheng-Chung Chen, Tsan-Ju Chen, Shun-Sheng Chen, Horn-Chiang Chiang

Case Reports

  • Secondary Mania after Right Hemispheric Stroke─A Case Report
    Shen-Ing Liu, Hin-Yeung Tsang, Ping-Keung Yip
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