Past Issues


Vol.4, No.2, 1990


  • Research on Schizophrenia: Recent Advances and Future Directions
    Tsung-yi Lin

Original Articles

  • Perceived Symptoms and Stress Sources among Adolescents
    Lee-Lan Yan, Ming-Been Lee, Dih-Ling Luh
  • Personality as an Effective predictor of Outcome for Neurotic Disorders
    Ming-Been Lee, Hsien Rin, Hsin-Nan Lin, Yue-Joe Lee
  • Amphetamine-induced Psychosis A Clinical Comparative Study with Schizophrenic Disorder
    Chien-Te Lee, Cheng-Chung Chen, Jung-Kwang Wen, Mian-Yoon Chong
  • Cognitive Dysfunction in melancholia and Nonmelancholia Prior to and Following Medication Therapy
    Huei-Chen Ko, Ru-Band Lu, Yung-Ho Ko

Case Reports

  • Amphetamine Psychosis: A case Report
    Wen-Che Tsai, Tai-Ann Cheng, Hsin-Nan Lin
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