Past Issues


Vol.1, No.3, 1987

Original Articles

  • Drinking Problem in Inpatients of a General Hospital: Lifetime Prevalence of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence
    Chiao-Chicy Chen, Eng-Kung Yeh, Hai-Gwo Hwu, Shih-Ku Lin, Chyi-Tsair Lee, Jen-Jer Wang, Yuan-Lih Yeh
  • The Application of Sex Therapy for Impotence in Chinese
    Yung Feng
  • Time-Course of Homovanillic Acid in Rat Brain Regions and Plasma Following Acute Haloperidol Administration
    Wen-Ho Chang, Yung-Te Tseng, Eng-Kung Yeh
  • Correlates of Reading Achievement in Chinese: Prevalence Rate of Reading Disabled School Children
    Chen-Chin Hsu, Wei-Tsuen Soong, Sue-Hwang Chang, Chwen-Cheng Chen, Shu-Jane Sue, Guo-Shen Chiu
  • Somatization among Minor Mental Disorders: Etiology and Conceptualization
    Ming-Been Lee, Hsien Rin

Case Reports

  • Carbamazepine Induced Stevens-Johnson Syndrome: A Report of Four Cases
    Jyuhn-Sheng Chen, Cheng-Chung Chen
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