Past Issues


Vol.1, No.4, 1987

Original Articles

  • The Influences of Haloperidol and Lithium Carbonate on Mice Muscle
    Wei-Kung Ko, Ming-Jen Yang, Cheng-Chung Chen, Shun-Sheng Chen
  • Time-Course of Homovanillic Acid in Rat Brain Regions Following Administration of Fourteen Neuroleptics
    Teng-Yi Chen, Eng-Kung Yeh, Wen-Ho Chang
  • A Clinical Investigation of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
    Ming-Jen Yong, Wei-Kung Ko, Cheng-Chung Chen, Shun-Sheng Chen
  • Family Interaction of School Phobic Children
    Wei-Tsuen Soong
  • A study of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry with Hemophiliac A Patients
    Yue-Joe Lee, Ming-Ching Shen, Ming-Been Lee
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