Past Issues


Vol.3, No.3, 1989

Original Articles

  • Relationship between Tricyclic Plasma Levels and Clinical Response in the Chinese Depressive Inpatients Receiving Amitriptyline
    Hong-Shiow Yeh, Jen-Ping Hwang, Ying-Chiao Lee, Ying-Sheue Chen, Cho-Boon Sim
  • A Clinical Study Comparing Alprazolam and Diazepam in the Treatment of Anxiety and Anxiety Associated with Depression
    Cheuk-Pang Chan, Shih-Hua Fan, Cho-Boon Sim
  • TRH Induced Prolaction Release in Male with Depressive Disorders and Volunteers
    Huan-Kwang Ferng, Ru-Band Lu, Swui-Ling Ho, Li-Jong shen, Yu-Tsai Lin
  • A Clinical Study of Gender Dysphoric Patients Requesting Sex Reassignment Surgery
    Simon Lee, Fu-Chuan Wei, Su-Huei Chen, Li-Hsin Chang

Case Reports

  • Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with Delayed Neurological Sequelae after a Free Interval: A Case Report
    Jan-Kang Chao, Fang-Ling Tzou, Yung Peng
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