Past Issues


Vol.2, No.2, 1988

Original Articles

  • Rapid Tranquilization with Haloperidol for Schizophrenic Patients—An Evaluation of Three Dosage Regimens
    Ying-Chiao Lee, Jeng-Ping Huang, Guo-Chuan Tsai, Kai-Li Chang, Shang-Ping Chuang, Cho-Boon Sim
  • A Comparative Study of Temperaments Characteristics in Children of Elective Low Forceps Delivery and Spontaneous Delivery
    Ying-Sheue Chen Reuy-Syrang Ko, Heung-Tat Ng, Ying-Cho Lee, Ming-Shen Yen, Hong-Shiow Yeh, Shin-Hua Fan
  • A Follow-up Study of Psychiatric Outpatients with Neurotic Disorders: Outcome and Psychosocial Predictors
    Ming-Been Lee, Hsien Rin, Hsin-Nan Lin, Mei-Gun Huang
  • A Clinical Open Trial of Rolipram
    Cheng-Chung Chen, Ming-Jen Yang, Jung-Kwang Wen

Case Reports

  • Organic Mental Disorder with Tuberous Sclerosis: A Case Report
    Ing-Hour Weng, Horng Chen, Wen-Long Lin
  • The Use of Behavioral Therapy in Childhood Trichotillomania
    Chili-Hong Lee, Sing-Yaw Wong
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