Past Issues


Vol.11, No.3, 1997


  • Symptomatology of Schizophrenia: Relevancy of Nosology and Culture
    Hai-Gwo Hwu, M.D.

Original Articles

  • Interactions among Drug-addicted Inpatients during Group Psychotherapy
    Li-Shiu Chou, M.D., Ying-Hsiang Chiu, B.S., Li-Hsin Chang, P.S.W., Ming-Chao Chen, M.D., Kuan-Hung Yang, M.D.,M.M.S.C.
  • Correlations Between Chinese Child Development Questionnaire Quotients and Bayley Scales of Infant Development Indices
    Sou-Yen Hu, M.D., Ming-Hui Hsieh, San-Neng Chen, M.D., Hsu-Hwa Chen, Wen-Shen Shiao, M.D.
  • Co existing Physical Illness in Patients with Bipolar Disorder
    Shang-Ying Tsai, M.D., Ju-Chin Lee, M.D., Chiao-Chicy Chen, M.D., Jung Chen, Wen-Sang Chao, M.D., Kun-Po Chen, M.D.
  • Results of Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation and The Court Sentencing
    Hai Ho, M.D., Ming-Min Tsuang, M.D., Hsin-Nan Lin, M.D., Hsien Rin, M.D.
  • The Clinical Features of Patients Admitted to Emergency Service in a Psychiatric Hospital
    Chun-Tse Chen, M.D., Chiao-Chicy Chen, M.D., Teng-Yi Chen, M.D., Jung-Yu Tsai, M.D., Jen-Cheng Hung, M.D., Wei-Herng Hu, M.D.

Brieg Communication

  • Temperament of Second Grade Students with Reading Disability
    Yu-Hsuan Chou, M.D., Shin-Jaw Chen, M.D., Yu-Yeh Lin, M.D., San-Nen Chen, M.D., Sou-Yen Ho, M.D., Yen-Kuang Yang, M.D.

Case Reports

  • Charles Bonnet Syndrome: A Case Report
    Chia-Hsuan Wu, M.D., Shi-Kai Liu, M.D.
  • Vigabatrin Induced Psychosis: Report of A Case
    Hsing-Cheng Liu, M.D., Yue-Joe Lee, M.D., Mei-Chih Tseng, M.D., Ming-Been Lee, M.D.
  • Sulpiride Induced Persistent Hypotension in a Patient with Schizophrenia
    Ching-Kuan We, M.D., Pao-Yen Lin, M.D., Jung-Kwang Wen, M.D.
  • Delirium Caused by H2-Receptor Antagonists Treatment in Patients with Peptic Ulcer: Report of Four Cases
    Kwo-Hwa Tseng, M.D., Chuen-Lin Su, M.D., Ton-Tin Wu, M.D., Chang-Geng Shyn, M.D., Chiao-Chiay Chen, M.D.
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