Past Issues


Vol.15, No.2, 2001


  • Application of Twin Study Method in Etiology Research of Psychiatric Disorders
    Wei J. Chen, M.D., Sc.D.1,2, Chaucer C. H. Lin, M.D., Ph.D.3, Po-Hsiu Kuo, B.S.1

Original Articles

  • Gender Differences in the Clinical Characteristics of Drug Abusers at a Detention Center
    I Hui Lee, M.D.1, Yen Kuang Yang, M.D.1, Tzung Lieh Yeh, M.D.1, Hsin Yi Lo, M.D.1, Yih Dar Lee, M.D.2, Yu Hsuan Chou, M.D.2, Chwen Cheng Chen, M.D. Ph.D.1
  • Alleviation of Anxiety Symptoms with Short-term Intensive Stress-management Group Therapy
    Wen-Chieh Hsieh, B.S.1, Winston W. Shen, M.D.1,2, Chen-Chei Pan, M.D.1, Hsin-Chien Lee, M.D.1,2, Kuan-Pin Su, M.D.1,2
  • Dosing Regiment of Risperidone in the Treatment of Patients with Schizophrenia
    Chih-Ming Li, M.D.1, I-Wen Ko, M.D.1, Teng-Wi Chen, M.D.2
  • Clinical Characteristics of Elderly Depressive Inpatients
    Chia-Hsuan Wu, M.D.1, Hsin-Chien Lee, M.D.1,2, Ming-Been Lee, M.D.1, Yue-Joe Lee, M.D.1, Mei-Chih Tseng, M.D.1, Ying-Yeh Chen, M.D.1
  • Effects of Grapefruit Juice on Clozapine Metabolism
    Ming-Chyi Huang, M.D.1, Tzong-Hsien Liu, M.D.1, Chiao-Chicy Chen, M.D., PhD.1,5, Hui-Ching Liu, M.D.2 , Hsien-Yuan Lane , M.D., PhD. 3,4 , Wen-Ho Chang, M.D.3,4, Wei-Herng Hu, M.D.1,5

Case Reports

  • Psychosocial Care of a Child with HIV Infection in a Small Island community
    King-Su Tang, M.D.1, Wen-Jiun Chou, M.D.1, Chuan-Chuan Yen2
  • Death of Three Patients with Schizophrenia During Clozapine Treatment
    Hung-Yu Chan, M.D.1, Ching-Jui Chang, M.D.2,3, Hsiao-Ju Sun, M.D.1, Ta-Jen Chang, M.D.1
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