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Auditory P300 Latencies and Finger Tapping Test Scores in Healthy Male Volunteers

Yu-Ting Wang, M.D.1,6 I-Hui Lee, M.D.1,2 Hui-Chun Huang, M.D.3 Chung-Ho Chen, M.D.3 Yen-Kuang Yang, M.D.1,2,7 Carol Sheei-Meei Wang, M.D.4 Ru-Band Lu, M.D.1,2,5

Objectives:The aim of this study was to examine the relation between the P300 event-related potential and the fi nger tapping test (FTT) scores in healthy male volunteers. Methods:The electroencephalograms (EEG) of 30 male subjects were obtained while they performed the oddball paradigm and the FTT. Results: The P300 latencies were correlated negatively with the FTT scores. Conclusion: The signifi cant correlation between the FTT scores and the P300 latencies lends support to the theory that dopaminergic activity may be mediated in P300 generation.
Key Word ERP, P300 latency, fi nger tapping test, dopamine
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