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The Chinese Version of the Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire:Reliability and Factor Structure

Wan-Ju Cheng,M.D.1  Ming-Chyi Huang,M.D.1,2 Pei-Shan Huang,M.D.1 Yu-Fen Gau,M.D.1 Chun-Hsin Chen,M.D.2,3 

Objective:The Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire (SADQ) is a self-report questionnaire to evaluate the severity of alcohol dependence. In this study, we analyzed internal consistency and factor structure of the Chinese-version of the SADQ (SADQ-C) in patients with alcohol dependence. Methods:We recruited 113 male patients with alcohol dependence to complete the SADQ-C. Internal consistency was expressed by Chronbach’s α. We did factor analysis using principal component analysis (PCA) with varimax rotation for the SADQ-C excluding the alcohol consumption section. Results: The internal consistency was very high with Chronbach’s α of 0.92. PCA shows four principal components, i.e. withdrawal relief drinking, affective withdrawal signs, physical withdrawal signs, and reinstatement of withdrawal symptoms following abstinence. Conclusion: The SADQ-C is a reliable instrument for alcohol dependence severity assessment in Taiwan and it can be used to monitor the treatment outcome in male patients with alcohol dependence.
Key Word alcohol dependence, SADQ, internal consistency, factor structure
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