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The Peer Review Process: The Games People Play in a Refereed Journal

Winston W. Shen

Timed with the change of cover and announcement of members of the newly formed board of executive editors in this issue of The Taiwanese Journal of Psychiatry (see the inside cover page), I feel that to describe the process of manuscript-reviewing here for our readers is appropriate, even though the referring process for publication has usually been in place for decades in the TJP.
Quality assurance is a password in every line of business conduct nowadays. To ensure a quality product, policy makers and business executives have implemented various accreditations by credible bodies (such as Taiwanese Joint Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, Taiwan Medical Accreditation Council, etc.) to make sure that the business conducts meet specifi c minimal required standards.
In this commentary, I am fi rst going to recount personal experiences with editors of biomedical journals. Then, I will describe the process of peer review of the TJP. This current process with new modifi cations is intended to be more effective to get better quality articles for the TJP. At the same time, this system, I believe, is to be fairer to our enthusiastic psychiatrist contributors and educational for our devoted reviewers.
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