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Methadone Maintenance Treatment in a General Hospital

Hsiao-Wen Liu, M.S.1 Chien-Chung Hsu, M.S.1 Lain-Li Lin, M.D.2 Wei-Hsin Wu, M.D.1,2 

Objectives:Previous studies have revealed the effi cacy of methadone maintenance treatment (MMT). In this study, we intended to investigate clinical effi cacy of the MMT and to compare the differences between dropout and remaining heroin users in the MMT. Methods:We conducted a retrospective chart review. We recruited 379 participants, and collected information of their social demography, medical assessments, and drug abuse history in medical records. Descriptive statistics using t-test, chi-square test were used. Results:We found that the rate of positive urine morphine analyses was decreased gradually by the continuing intervention of the MMT. Signifi cant differences in dosage, positive urine analyses, attendance rates between the dropout and remaining group in treatment. But no signifi cant differences were found in age, marital status and HIV sero-status between those two groups. Conclusion:Our study fi ndings suggest that we need to identify patients who are apt to dropout during the early stage of the MMT, and offer support and counseling. We recommend that further research need to consider an applicable intervention for this population.
Key Word methadone maintenance treatment (MMT), heroin users, heroin dependence
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