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Contact Theory and Social Distance in Schizophrenia

Shih-Ming Li, M.S.1,2 Cheng-Yeuh Ho, M.D.1

Objectives:Schizophrenia is a disabling mental disorder, and individuals with the illness are often stigmatized. We will apply the contact theory on the stigma of the schizophrenia patients. Methods:We recruited 124 subjects and completed the social distance scale and the schizophrenia stereotype questionnaire. Results:The contact frequency was found to be related to the social distance and the stereotype of the schizophrenia. In the contact theory, we also found that the stereotype to the schizophrenia patient was the mediator between the contact frequency and social distance to schizophrenia. Conclusion:The stereotype was found to be an important factor of stigma. In the future, the population education about schizophrenia is needed.
Key Word stigma, psychoses, stereotype
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