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Gender Infl uences the Correlation between Body Mass Index and Neuroticism Score in a Community Adult Sample

Ying-Wen Chen, I-Hui Lee, Kao-Chin Chen, Yun-Hsuan Chang, Yi-Ching Yang, Tzung-Lieh Yeh

Background: Body mass index (BMI) and neuroticism are used to be treated
as important variables in psychiatric research. But, several previous researches
have shown that there may be a correlation between those two variables. Methods:
This study investigated the correlation between BMI and the neuroticism
score in 1,230 participants from the community. Neuroticism score was assessed
using the Maudsley Personality Inventory. Results: Correlation analysis showed
that BMI was negatively correlated with neuroticism score (r = -0.09, p = 0.003).
But the correlation disappeared after considering the gender effect. Conclusion:
The gender effect may confound the correlation between BMI and neuroticism
Key Word BMI, Maudsley personality inventory, neuroticism, gender
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