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Probable Early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosed by Comprehensive Evaluation and Neuroimage Studies

Sin-Yi Chen, Yuan-Han Yang, Wen-Chen Ouyang

Objective: We present a case of a female patient who was diagnosed with
early-onset dementia after we did a comprehensive evaluation. Case Report: This
50-year-old female patient who showed insidious memory impairment, disturbances
in executive functioning, and signifi cant impairment in occupational functioning.
Under the assumption of early-onset Alzheimer’s dementia (AD) ( <65
years of age), we completed a detailed clinical history and physical examination as
well as neuropsychological tests. The patient also received neuropsychiatric evaluation,
brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and single photon emission computed
tomography (SPECT). Conclusion: Early-onset AD was strongly suggested
basing on the fi ndings of the clinical history, neuropsychiatric evaluation, physical
examination, as well as brain MRI and brain SPECT studies. Therefore, early-onset
dementia, especially in patients younger than 50 years, is rare. Accurate diagnosis
of dementia subtypes is challenging. In addition to comprehensive examination,
neuroimaging study can provide additional information for differential
Key Word Early-onset dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, single photon emission computed tomography, neuroimaging
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