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Fetishism in Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation

Shao-Chiu Juan, Chiung-Hsu Chen, Hung-Yu Chan, Happy Kuy-Lok Tan, Hsiao-Ju Sun

Objective: In this article, we present a forensic patient whose fetishistic behaviors
apply to reduced criminal responsibility. Case Report: A 47-year-old married
man developed fetishism for female undergarments during his adolescent age.
Stress and negative emotional states frequently provoked more paraphilic behaviors.
He was accused of theft due to stealing more than one thousand pieces of female
undergarments. Conclusion: Insanity defense may be successful if the fetishist
has another comorbid mental illness or diffi culties in impulse control over
paraphilic urges. Experts such as psychiatrists are important in successful treatment.
Major treatment modalities in Taiwan include cognitive-behavioral approaches
and sex education. In USA, pharmacotherapy such as antidepressants or
antiandrogens is proved effective.
Key Word fetishism, paraphilia, forensic evaluation, forensic psychiatry
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