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Treating Chronic Insomnia: A Wake-up Call Shattering Old Dogmas?

Winston W. Shen

The Effi cacy of Benjamin
Franklin’s Method in Treating
Insomnia Is not Proven
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was a versatile
person, and one of the famous insomniacs in
history. He thought that cooling off his bed could
improve his chance to get asleep if his bed was too
Partly due to his long sleepless night, Franklin
spent much time reading and exploring. He was
one of the founding fathers of the United States of
America. He helped write the US constitution. He
discovered electricity while fl ying kites. Also in
1784 he invented double spectacles, to correct presbyoptic
vision when he was in his eighties.
Franklin also hypothesized that “early to bed
and early to rise . . .” would make one healthy,
wealthy and wise. This hypothesis, however, is
not proven by a recent evidence-based study [1].
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