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Genotyping HLA-B*1502 and Revised Drug Hazard Relief Act

Ching-Jui Chang

Carbamazepine is the second major drug to
induce severe cutaneous reactions in Taiwan, but
only 38% of the prescriptions are used as indications
[1]. Many neurologists and psychiatrists are
liable to law suit for the drug hazard in Taiwan. In
this issue of Taiwanese Journal of Psychiatry, Lin
has reviewed the risk factors and management of
mood stabilizers associated Stevens-Johnson syndrome
and toxic epidermal necrolysis (SJS/TEN)
[2]. After the acceptance for publication of that
review, a landmark article proving the effect of
HLA-B*1502 screening to avoid carbamazepineinduced
toxic effects in Taiwan was published in
New England Journal of Medicine [3]. Drug
Hazard Relief Act was also revised on April 19,
2011 in the Legislative Yuan to remove restraints
on drug hazard relief of “off labeled use” of medications
This companion invited editorial is just in time to
comment on these two breakthrough events.
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