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Appreciation to Contributors, Reviewers, and Readers

Winston W. Shen

Volume 25 (2011) of the Taiwanese Journal
of Psychiatry (Taipei) contains 40 published articles
in four issues. Table 1 is the distribution of
those 40 articles according to the affi liated institutions
of their corresponding authors. I thank them
for their devoted time and efforts. As shown in
Table 1, the Taiwanese Society of Psychiatry’s
members who work at medical centers wrote 40%
(16/40) of the articles published in the TJP in
In the whole year, we used 57 reviewers. Our
blind reviewers were our diligent gate-keepers,
who devoted themselves in 2011 to reviewing the
submitted manuscripts, and to giving their educational
expertise opinions. Their suggestions helped
me discern whether a manuscript is of high quality
and signifi cance, or whether the submitted regular
article has weakness. Their lengthy time and selfishless
effort keep good quality of the TJP. For
example, one time last year, I used three reviewers
to assess an epidemiologic paper. All three reviewers
gave the same opinions in pointing out
the weakness of the study. But I decided to accept
the manuscript for publication because the authors
in their revision addressed the weakness clearly in
the section of study limitations in the penultimate
paragraph of the manuscript and alerted the readers
not to over-interpret the study results. Without
the help of those reviewers, I cannot keep the
TJP’s quality and standard as it is. Therefore, I
give my warmest salutes to those listed below.
Finally, my thanks are also extending to
countless grass root readers. Your continuous supports
and feedbacks keep giving the TJP’s raison
d’être and meaning.
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