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A Heck of Three Years: We Need to Continue our Efforts

Winston W. Shen

In March 2012, I got notifi ed by Board of
Trustees of the Taiwanese Society of Psychiatry
for being appointed for the second three-year term
of the editor-in-chief for the Taiwanese Journal of
Psychiatry. With pleasure, I am accepting this
chance to continuously serve the readership of the
As shown in the inside cover page of the TJP
in this issue, I have defi ned proudly the “scope” of
the TJP, “to publish high quality basic and clinical
research in psychiatry, with the goal of promoting
and disseminating psychiatric knowledge to improve
patients’ care in the world. Articles on clinical,
laboratory and social research in psychiatry
and other related disciplines that are of interest to
the psychiatric and mental health care profession
are eligible for consideration.”
To achieve this global goal and to attract articles
from other related disciplines, I have added
both international advisory board (with 18 members)
and multidisciplinary advisory board (with
12 members) to give inputs to the TJP. Furthermore,
the TJP has been budgeted extra space for
regularly including invited overviews or similar
appropriate contributors from international guests.
Those articles are intended to add international
perspectives to our TJP readership.
Refecting on my thought of reviewers, I am
telling two loosely related anecdotes: First, Joseph
Wortis, the editor of Biological Psychiatry was invited
to give a lecture “My Analysis with Sigmund
Freud,” in St. Louis in late 1980s. I toured him at
his request around campus of the medical center.
“Dr. so and so has not returned me the review and
the manuscript I sent to him fi ve years ago,”
shouted Wortis loudly in a scornful voice when he
saw the building of Department of Psychiatry.
And second, I remember one of my birthday gifts
vividly when I was 35 years of age. At that time,
my then six-year old child gave me a gift certifi -
cate, stating “This gift certifi cate is entitled you to
run an errand without any complaint.”
Based on those above-noted two stories, I
have also adjusted and re-juvenized the members
of boards of editors and executive editors. Those
colleagues listed here have shown their unselfi sh
tract-record of fi rm support and eager of volunteering
their time and effort to the TJP.
Since my appointment in 2009 to be the editor-
in-chief of the TJP, I have turned the TJP into
all English psychiatric journals with all your help.
It is a heck of three years! The peer review system
at the TJP is at work effectively.
Now the TJP as an Enlish publication has
been a landscape, existing on the shelf of psychiatric
professional journals. Rather than the need to
pay for the articles you have written, all publications
in the back issues of the TJP in the past 26
years can be retrieved without any charge from
the Taiwanese Society of Psychiatry webside at english/en_001.asp.
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