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Sex Difference in Dementia

Masatoshi Takeda

The overview is intended to do an introductory review on the research data related to the sex difference in dementia. The author reviews the topics of sex difference in brain function, and brain structure. Then he discusses the reason why female shows higher incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in the context of general population, prevalence and incidence of dementia, neurosteroids as well as brain reserve hypothesis. Basically, all research data have shown that female elderly carries higher risk of about 1.4 times in developing dementia compared to the male counterparts. With this overview, the author hopes that the contents of this overview can stimulate Taiwanese readers and researchers to pay more attention to the topic of sex differences in dementia, especially in Alzhiemer’s disease, and to do further research on this topic.
Key Word Alzheimer's disease, brain reserve hypothesis, Japan, neurosterods
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