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Amisulpride-associated Hyperglycemia and Hyperlipidemia in a Patient with Mental Retardation and Schizophrenia

Jia-Pei Shie, Hin-Yeung Tsang

Objective: The authors are reporting a case of hyperglycemia and hyperlipid-emia after amisulpride use in treating a patient with schizophrenia and mental re-tardation. Case Report: A 38-year-old woman suffers from schizophrenia and mild mental retardation developed hyperglycemia and elevated serum triglyceride level after being treated with amisulpride. Conclu-sion: Fasting sugar and lipid profiles should be closely monitored in schizophrenia along with mental retarded patients receiving amisulpride treatment in order to facilitate early detection and intervention to prevent further metabolic complications.
Key Word amisulpride, mental retardation, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia
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