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Depression and Glucose Homeostasis

Meng-Chang Tsai, Tiao-Lai Huang

There might be a bidirectional relationship between diabetes mellitus and depression. Depression is a risk factor for increased incidence of diabetes mellitus [1], and diabetes mellitus is related to increased risk for depression [2]. But the pathophysiology between depression and dia- betes mellitus remains unclear. Campayo et al. reported that depression is correlated with a 65% elevated risk of diabetes mellitus, and found that persistent depression, untreated depression, and nonsevere depression are associated with devel- opment of diabetes mellitus [3]. In Taiwan, Tsai et al. reported depression and anxiety are associated with both diabetes mellitus and pre-diabetes mel- litus [4]. In this issue of the Taiwanese Journal of Psychiatry, Chang et al. further found that the fasting serum glucose levels in unmedicated MDD patients are significantly higher than those in healthy subjects [5]. Taken together, depression might have an impact on glucose homeostasis.
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