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A Boy’s Possession State after Epstein-Barr Virus Encephalitis

Te-Chang Changchien, Yung-Chieh Yen

Objective:Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) encephalitis is a rare but often a severe illness that damages the parenchyma of the brain and shows some neuropsychiat- ric presentations. Case Report:We report an adolescent patient manifesting his presenting a new identity in his possession state, as a neuropsychiatric sequela of previous EBV encephalitis. Clinical recovery achieves following psychotropic treatment within a month. Conclusion: This case underscores the importance of further discussion and study focusing on underlying neurobiological etiology. We also should keep in mind that a possible organic cause involving in “possession trance” manifestation despite of its existing compatible sociocultural background or psychosocial stressors.
Key Word Epstein-Barr virus, encephalitis, possession, neuropsychiatric symptoms
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