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Dental Manifestations Leading to Diagnosis of Methamphetamine-induced Psychotic Disorder

Hsin-Ying Chiang, Yen-Chen Ku, Chih-Ken Chen

Background:Methamphetamine is commonly used worldwide. It can cause psychiatric disorders as well as cardiovascular, dermatologic, and neurological symptoms. Different hypotheses, genes, and treatment focus have been developed for methamphetamine-induced psychotic disorder, implying the different etiology of methamphetamine-induced psychotic disorder and schizophrenia or schizoaf- fective disorder. Case Report:A 33-year-old female patient who had been diag- nosed with schizoaffective disorder for 10 years. Her symptoms were fluctuated under antipsychotics treatment. When she voluntarily came to our hospital, her dental presentations (meth mouth), reminded us her continuous use of metham- phetamine. Her diagnosis was revised from schizoaffective disorder to metham- phetamine-induced psychotic disorder. Conclusion:Differentiating metham- phetamine-induced psychotic disorder from primary psychotic disorder in clinical practice has been a serious challenge. Meth mouth could be a clue in correctly di- agnosing methamphetamine related disorder.
Key Word methamphetamine, stimulant, substance-related disorder, caries
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