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The Taiwanese Journal of Psychiatry Welcomes Submission of Letters-to-the Editor

Winston W. Shen

In four issues of the entire volume 27, the Taiwanese Journal of Psychiatry published 11 editorials, 8 overviews, 16 original articles, 2 brief reports, 4 case reports, and 6 letters-to-the editor in 2013. Table 1 shows the distribution of affilia-tions of those corresponding authors. Compared to the 2011 data [1], the data in Table 1 show an increase in total articles (from 40 to 47) in 2013, but keep the same number of total original articles of 16 per year. Except in the column of case re-ports, other TJP columns including invited edito-rials, overviews, brief reports, and letters-to-the editor have shown increases. But the number of case reports has been found decreasing, from 13 in 2011, 8 in 2012, to 4 in 2013.
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