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Effects of Short-term Exercise Intervention on Metabolic Features and Bone Mineral Density in Patients with Serious Mental Illnesses

Mei Hung Chi, Wei Hung Chang, Hsin Chun Tsai, Yen Kuang Yang, Ru-Band Lu, Po See Chen

Objectives: Epidemiologic evidence suggests that patients with serious men- tal illnesses are at higher risk for metabolic syndrome (MS) and osteoporosis. In this prospective study, we intended to examine the effectiveness of short-term ex- ercise intervention program for patient with those disturbances. Methods: We ex- amined the effects of a supervised 12-week aerobic exercise program on metabolic indices and bone mineral density in patients with serious mental illnesses. Results: Among 20 patients recruited, we found that the prevalences of MS, osteoporosis and osteopenia were 40%, 15.8%, and 42.1%, respectively, at baseline. Fourteen participants completed the program. There was no significant change in metabolic indices and bone mineral density after a short-term exercise intervention. Besides, the correlation between individual metabolic index and bone mineral density was not significant. Conclusion: The study results supported the necessity for close monitoring MS and osteoporosis as well as giving intervention in patients with serious mental illnesses. The effectiveness of exercise intervention warrants fur- ther evaluation.
Key Word aerobic exercise, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, severe/chronic psychiatric patients
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