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Validation of Five Short Versions of the Geriatric Depression Scale in the Elder Population in Taiwan

Wei-Chih Chin, Chia-Yih Liu, Chin-Pang Lee, Chun-Lin Chu

Objectives:The objective of the present study was to examine the feasibility of the use of five different versions of 4-items and 5-items Geriatric Depression Scale short form in the ethnic Chinese elderly population in Taiwan. Methods:We used the data bank from our previous epidemiological study. We used the data of 388 subjects and compared the scores of GDS-15, two GDS-5, and two GDS-4. Results:All of the GDS short forms showed good correlations to each other. GDS-15 showed the highest area under receiver operating characteristic curve (AUC = 0.828), followed by GDS-5 (2006 Molloy et al.’s version) (AUC = 0.816), GDS-5 (1999 Hoyl et al.’s version) (AUC = 0.816), GDS-4 (1994 D’Ath et al.’s version ) (AUC = 0.756), and GDS-4 (1995 van Marwijk et al.’s version ) (AUC = 0.741). Conclusions:All versions of short form GDS can be used in screening major de-pressive episode among older Taiwanese adults.
Key Word geriatric depression, DSM, sensitivity, specificity, Taiwanese
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