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Preventing Premature Discharge of a Patient with Borderline Personality Disorder by Psychodynamic Inpatient Management: A Case Report

Horng-Maw Chen, Ming-Shun Chung, Ching-Ming Cheng

A 30-year-old married male patient with an educational level of junior high school had no criminal record and history of illicit drug abuse, was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). He had 17 psychiatric hospitalizations in the past six years due to multiple suicidal attempts and domestic violence. For those hospitalizations, his average length of hospitalizations was 12 days with a maximum of 23 days. He was taken by different psychiatric teams, and he had interpersonal confl icts with staff or other patients. He got premature discharges each time after he was arguing over the rules of the wards or he demanded his discharge against medical advice.
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