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A Trend of Higher Prevalence of Bipolar Disorder in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Preliminary Meta-analysis

Ping-Tao Tseng, Kun-Yu Tu, Ching-Kuan Wu

Objective: The rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease and has
been believed to share similar pathophysiology with bipolar disorder (BD). In this
study, we intended to fi nd out the comorbidity rates between RA and BD thorough
a meta-analysis of articles on their co-morbidity rate. Method: We did literature
search through database of PubMed. Articles discussing the prevalence of BD in
patients with/without RA were all included for meta-analysis. Results: Only three
qualifi ed papers were chosen in this meta-analysis. We found that the prevalence
of BD was signifi cantly higher in patients with RA than those without RA (odds
ratio = 1.49, 95% confi dence interval = 1.049 - 2.119; p < 0.05). We did not fi nd
that this study had any signifi cant heterogeneity or publication bias within the recruited
three studies. Conclusion: The current study highlights the importance of
higher prevalence of BD in patients with RA than those without RA. But further
studies investigating the possible etiology and pathophysiology between them are
Key Word psychiatry, comorbidity, prevalence rate, immune
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