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Sex Difference in Associations among Life Attitudes, Depression,and Suicidal Ideation: A Preliminary Study

Yao-Wen Liu, Tse-I Yuan, Yi-Yan Hsien, Tsung-Cheng Huang, Yueh-Ming Tai

Background: Depression and life attitude (or meaning in life) have been noted to be highly associated with suicidal ideation. But the details in the links among them remain still unclear. In this study, we intended to clarify their associations of the sex factor. Method: We randomly selected 102 participants (male: 54, female: 48) from individuals waiting in a psychiatry clinic waiting room with their consents. They were asked to complete copies of Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), Brief Self-Report Scale (BSRS), and 25-item Life Attitude questionnaire, anonymously. Result: About one third (n = 32) of participants had positive suicidal ideation. They were signifi cantly more to be males participants (p < 0.05) and responded signifi cantly more lower subscales of “belonging” (p < 0.01), “existence” (p < 0.01), “life experience” (p < 0.01), “life control” (p < 0.01), and “goal seeking” (p < 0.01). The path analysis showed that, their more positive life attitudes of “existence” and “goal seeking” are signifi cantly negatively associated with suicidal ideation and depression (p < 0.05). But in female participants the infl uence of higher “belonging” was the most signifi cant on lower depression (p < 0.01), whereas higher “death acceptance” showed negative association with suicidal ideation (all p < 0.01). Conclusion: In line with existing evidences, sex difference in life attitude and suicidal ideation exists. This study distinguishes the life attitudedepression-suicidal ideation path in gender. Our fi ndings provides further insights in sex-specifi c suicide prevention interventions.
Key Word life attitude, depression, suicidal ideation, belonging
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