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A Survey on Sexual Assault Victims’ Assessment and Treatment in Taiwan

Hsing-Jung Li, Tsyr-En Grace Wu, Chao-Yueh Su, Sheau-Ping Chen, Shih-Pei Shen, Frank Huang-Chih Chou

Background: In this two-year study, we intended to investigate the sexual assault victims help-seeking behavior, and to access victims, sexual abuse history of trauma. Method: We surveyed 158 subjects (including from 25 staff of sexual violence prevention centers in Taiwan and 133 people of victims of their family). Mailing questionnaire and face-to-face or telephone interviews were proceeded as a two-stage method. This prospective study was conducted on 43 victims and 27 family members in two years. Result: Victim surveys had most concerned about their privacy aspects without revealing the identity (90.2%) and as giving anonymity (82.9%). This fi ndings from the victims were different from those from the families. Recovered by the hospital to provide medical questionnaire show there is an obvious shortage and the plight of the process is not really low (56%). Rehabilitation of sexual victims indicators include cases subjective and objective assessment. Conclusion: The current management of sexual victims is still having room for improvement to establish a client-centered trauma assessment and treatment in Taiwan, as a reference index for the future government policy and hospital accreditation reference.
Key Word Sexual victims, trauma assessment, physical and psychological assessment and rehabilitation indicators, standard operating procedures (SOP)
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