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Mental Health Care in Vietnam

Tran Van Cuong

In this overview, author is intended to familiarize the readers about Vietnam as a country and psychiatric and mental health care for her people. Birds’ eyes views on the geography, history, and culture of Vietnam are fi rst introduced. Then, the readers were oriented to a background historical description about the development history of mental health care in Vietnam. Then, the author describes current Vietnamese psychiatric hospital system, human resources and training for the mental health staff, national program for community mental health care, international cooperation of Vietnam psychiatry, as well as Vietnam Psychiatric Association. The author concludes that inspite of some recent improvement, Vietnamese still have long way to go to achieve better mental health care for people in Vietnam. Finally, the overview is ended with a perspective view of developing mental health care for the population of about 95 million in the entire Vietnam.
Key Word Vietnam, mental health system, Vietnam Psychiatric Association, psychiatric manpower
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