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Mental Health Care in Spain: From Psychiatric Reform to Community-based Care within the “State of Autonomies”

Juan D. Molina, Manuel Durán-Cutilla, Yolanda Pérez-Ros, Gabriel Rubio, Francisco López-Muñoz

Nowadays Spain where is a country that lives in democracy, is integrated into the European Union and with a universal coverage and free healthcare services. Being carried out from a community model, mental health care has been coordinated with social services and the antidrug agency network. But until now the process has been complex. In this overview, the authors are describing the process of psychiatric reform since the late 1970s, when was coinciding with the end of the dictatorship, and the creation of the “State of Autonomies.” As in this peculiarity of the territorial ordination of the country, Spain has had mental health plans of each of the 19 autonomous entities. As an example, we are illustrating two the mental health organizations – one of the richest autonomous communities, Madrid, and one of the poorest autonomous communities, Andalusia – to explain and analyze how they have applied the community model and coordination with other services.
Key Word State of Autonomies, psychiatric care system, Madrid, Andalusia
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