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Required Research Activities to Overcome Addiction Problems in Japan

Kazutaka Ikeda, Soichiro Ide, Hiromi Takahashi-Omoe, Masabumi Minami, Hisatsugu Miyata,Mitsuo Kawato, Hitoshi Okamoto, Tetsuro Kikuchi, Yumiko Saito, Tomoaki Shirao,Yuko Sekino, Toshiya Murai, Toshihiko Matsumoto, Masako Iseki, Yoko Nishitani,Masahiko Sumitani, Hidehiko Takahashi, Shigeto Yamawaki, Tadashi Isa, Yoko Kamio

Background: The term “addiction” encompasses both substance dependence and behavioral addiction and is associated with major societal problems. Measures to combat addiction are currently insufficient in Japan, and further research on addiction is necessary. Methods: Science Council of Japan (SCJ) has three subcommittees – the Addiction Subcommittee, Brain and Mind Subcommittee, and Neuroscience Subcommittee among others. Those three subcommittees are dealing directly or indirectly with addiction problems in Japan. Thus, all authors of this review, members of those subcommittees, collectively recommended what research activities are required in Japan for continuing effort in overcoming addiction problems in Japan. Results: We proposed the following measures. Proposal 1: Understand diversity in addiction and promote related research and education; Proposal 2: Promote personalized measures for patients with addiction disorders; Proposal 3: Foster addiction research personnel; Proposal 4: Develop new guidelines for the rehabilitation of patients with drug dependence; Proposal 5: Establish an institute specializing in addiction research and comprehensively handling information collection, research, countermeasures, treatment, and public relation related to addiction. Conclusion: The opinions of the review are based on the recommendations that were published in 2020 in Japanese by the Addiction Subcommittee, Brain and Mind Subcommittee, and Neuroscience Subcommittee of the SCJ. The authors here are sharing colleagues of Taiwanese Society of Psychiatry with these proposed research activities required to overcome addiction problems in Japan.
Key Word behavioral addiction, drug dependence, information sharing, personalized medicine
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