Past Issues


Vol.25, No.4, 2011


  • Psycho-oncology in Taiwan
    Chih-Tao Cheng/


  • Dealing with Depression: A Christian Perspective
    Hsin-Nan Lin/

Original Articles

  • Construction of Clinical Ethical Behavior Scale for Psychiatrists
    Po-Yen Lin, Ta-Jen Chang, Chih-Hung Wang/
  • Length of Stay and Direct Medical Costs for Psychogeriatric Inpatients in Taiwan
    Chin-Ming Liu, Chu-Shiu Li, Chwen-Chi Liu, Chu-Chin Tu/
  • The Experience and Attitude after Electroconvulsive Therapy in Taiwanese Patients with Psychotic Disorder
    T ien-Chun Li, Shu-Li Cheng, Shang-Wen Chang, Ching-Hua Lin, Nien-Mu Chiu, Wen-Kuei Lee/
  • Does Pre-fl ight Cigarette Smoking Affect the Military Aviator’s Attention at a Simulated Altitude of 18,000 Feet Created by a Hypobaric Chamber
    Yu-Ming Cheng, Ching-Hui Loh, Chien-Bai Sha, Yi-Chang Wu, Hui-Nien Yang, Wei-An Lin/

Case Reports

  • Severe Acidosis Followed by Withdrawal Delirium and Dystonia-like Movement after Clozapine Overdose
    Tzu I Lee, I Hui Lee, An-Bang Wu, Yen Kuang Yang/
  • Apathetic Affect as Early Sign of Frontal Lobe Tumor in Patient without Obvious Neurological Findings but with Remarkable Psychosocial Stressors
    Wei-Lieh Huang, Chih-Min Liu, Shih-Cheng Liao/
  • Manic Episodes Possibly Secondary to Pediatric Ischemic Stroke
    Hsiao-Chi Hung, Chen-Ju Lin, Yu-Hsin Huang/
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