Past Issues


Vol.27, No.3, 2013


  • Smoking in Patients with Mental Illnesses: The Magnitude of the Problem among the Mentally Ill
    Ru-Band Lu/
  • Getting Used to Changes in DSM-5Depressive Disorders
    Winston W. Shen/
  • Focusing on Mental Health, Life Care, and Social Network of the Elderly: Program Features of the 52nd TSOP Annual Meeting
    Yen Kuang Yang/


  • Diathesis, Psychopathology, Resilience, and Suicidality
    For-Wey Lung/
  • Dopamine and Psychiatric Disorders: Evidence from Imaging Studies
    Shih-Hsien Lin, Nan-Tsing Chiu, Yen Kuang Yang/

Original Articles

  • Face Concern and Depression in Caregivers with Developmentally Delayed Children
    Pei-Hsin Kao, Fong-Lin Jang, Rong-Bin Hong, Jung-Tai Liu, Yuh-Ming Hou, Chien-Ho Lin/
  • Factors Affecting the Readmission Rate after Psychiatric Home Treatment
    Jen-Hung Huang, Li-Chung Huang, Yue-Cune Chang, Kuo-Jung Chang, Yueh-Ming Tai/
  • Interaction between CYP 2C19and CYP 2D6Genetic Polymorphisms Influences the Early Response of Fluoxetine/Venlafaxine Treatment among Patients with Major Depressive Disorder
    Hui Hua Chang, Po See Chen, Hsuan-Chi Wang, Po-Wu Gean, Yen Kuang Yang, Ru-Band Lu/
  • Do Earlier Age of Initiation of Substance Use and Criminal Behavior Matter? Survey of Mental Health Problems among Taiwanese Male Juvenile Delinquents
    Kuo-Ping Li, Chih-Tsai Chen, Cheng-Hsien Sung, Shih-Kai Liu, Shuan Lee/

Brief Report

  • Smoking Behaviors among Psychiatric Inpatients in Taiwan
    En-Liang Wu, Jiahn-Jyh Chen, Hung-Yu Chan, I-Chia Chien, Li-Ling Ou, Happy Kuy-Lok Tan/

Letters to the Editor

  • Focusing Approach: A Psychological Treatment in a Patient with Auditory Hallucinations
    Yu-Hui Huang, Li-Shiu Chou/
  • Major Depressive Episode Comorbid with Parkinson’s Disease: A Report of Three Cases
    Kuan-Chiao Lee, Yung-Chieh Yen/
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