Past Issues


Vol.27, No.4, 2013


  • The Prescriptions of Antipsychotic Polypharmacy and Antiparkinson Drugs Have Been Changed in Psychiatric Practice
    Si-Sheng Huang/


  • Preventive Psychiatry in Late Life: Studies on Depression and Dementia from the Singapore Gerontology Research Program
    Ee Heok Kua, Mahendran Rathi, Lei Feng, Xianfeng Tian, Tze Pin Ng/
  • Inflammatory Process, Neurodegenation and Novel Treatment in Mental Disorders: Study Demonstrations with Memantine and Dextromethorphan
    Ru-Band Lu, Sheng-Yu Lee, Shiou-Lan Chen, Yun-Hsuan Chang/

Original Articles

  • Needs and Quality of Life of the Patients with Schizophrenia Living in Halfway Houses
    Chia-Jung Hsieh, Chueh Chang, Shing-Chia Chen, Ya-Wen Shih/
  • Adherence Analysis of Couples with Violence Completing Marital Therapy
    Lien-Chien Yang, Hsiu-Chu Tung, For-Wey Lung/
  • Changing Patterns of Antipsychotic Prescription and Concomitant Antiparkinson Drug Use at a Taiwanese Psychiatric Hospital
    Yu-Hsuan Wu, Mei-Feng Huang, Chun-Yang Lai, Yu-Hui Huang, Yu-San Chang/
  • Will the Content of Positive Memory Recall Matter for Repairing Sad Mood? The Comparison of Autobiographic vs. Others’ Memory
    Chia-Ling Chiu, Sue-Huei Chen/

Brief Report

  • Applying Rasch Analysis to Assessing the Social Distance Scale in Patients with Schizophrenia
    Ya-Hui Su, Shih-Ming Li, Yao-An Tsai/

Letters to the Editor

  • The CIDI Interview Tool Is Based on Criteria of Both the DSM-IV and the ICD-10
    Yueqin Huang/
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